Booker25 for retail

Use Booker25 to

Elevate your service

Allowing your customers to easily schedule an appointment with your store assistants, professional experts or personal shoppers will increase your service levels, build relationships, grow sales and manage your time more effectively.

Add value for your customers

Personalized service is the key to building lasting relationships with your customers. Ensure the customer journey is not only a personal one when your customers shop online, but bring the personalization into your brick-and-mortar shops using Booker25 appointment scheduler.

Grow sales

When your customers can book an appointment at the peak of their interest they are far more likely make a purchase. Offering the right service at the right time creates lasting an lucrative relationships with your customers.

Build effective teams

Your store assistants and personal shoppers can manage their time and effort more effectively when they know which customers are coming in to see them. The Booker25 integration with the Salesforce1 App allows them to have all the customers’ information at their fingertips.

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