Customizable booking calendar to suit any industry

Schedule and manage any type of reservation

Due to the flexible nature of Booker25 and the many customizable features, this online booking calendar can be used to make any kind of reservation in a wide variety of industries. Whether you are looking for the right rental software for your boat rental company, an appointment scheduler for your personal shopper business, or you have hundreds of meeting rooms all over the world, Booker25 can support the needs of any industry.


Book appointments and reserve fitting rooms

Delivering outstanding customer experience starts before your customer enters your store. Use Booker25 to allows customers to easily book a fitting or personal shopping appointment in a completely branded online environment. Your staff can keep track of the latest reservations on their phone, tablet or desktop, ensuring everyone is aware of who will walk through your door. With Booker25 you can optimize staff effectiveness and deliver convenience to your customers.


Make reservations and monitor occupancy

Booker25 makes managing room bookings and dinner reservations easy for you, your team and customers. From just 4 rooms in a B&B to more than 4.000 rooms in 20 different locations, the many features and flexibility of Booker25 make every scenario manageable. By adding any extra service, such as laundry services or parking, all extra requirements are managed and invoiced from the same location.


Make classroom scheduling easier by combining teacher and classroom availability

When the availability of classrooms and teachers need to match up, Booker25 offers the perfect solution. By incorporating everything into one calendar, Booker25 improves efficiency and professionalism. Classroom capacity is matched up with size of the class and teacher availability, ensuring a smooth scheduling process. Read how Ashridge Executive Education manages capacity, bookings, classes and all their hospitality services using Booker25.

Facility Management

Reserve meeting rooms, parking spaces and other facilities

Customers and staff can use Booker25 to make reservations for the facilities and monitor usage of resources. Booker25 provides a complete overview of available resources (meeting rooms, parking spaces, et cetera) at any time and any location. Any additional services you might offer, such as AV equipment, catering or furniture, can also be managed from Booker25. Read here how Booker25 helped Spaces manage their meeting room reservations. (link to spaces case)


Structure your schedule and stay up-to-date on available resources.

Whether you’re renting out bikes, boats; stay in control of resources you rent with Booker25. You are in control of determining the bookable items in an easy to use and completely customizable way. The clear calendar view allows staff to clearly see which resources are available at which days or times, limiting double bookings.

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