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What is Booker25?

Booker25 is a flexible, native Salesforce application that lets you schedule and manage reservations for any kind of resource that your organization shares. Booker25 lets you set up your own resource hierarchy, and supports internal use (such as scheduling of meeting rooms for your employees) as well as commercial use (renting out bungalows or hotel rooms). The calendar view provides you with an instant overview of when your resources are occupied and by whom.

Clear calendar overview

Booker25 lets you manage all your reservations in one easy to use calendar that can be adapted to your needs. Your employees and customers can book reservations in seconds, Booker25 will check automatically which resource is available.

Day, week or monthly view

Since meeting rooms are typically rented per hour, hotel rooms per night and cars per week, the calendar offers you a daily, weekly and monthly view you can easily switch between.

Filter & Search

You can apply filters to the standard view, search results and statistics page. This way, you can always quickly find the answers to questions and keep a clear overview of all your rented resources, the occupancy rate and peak usage times.

Completely customizable

Booker25 gives you ultimate flexibility over the type of product or service you provide to your customer. When setting up your Booker25 environment you have complete control over how to organize your resources (bookable items). We call this the resource hierarchy, and we are happy to help you set this up.

Set availability times

Your bookable item might not always be available to rent. Flexible work spaces are closed on weekends or a hotel room can temporarily be unavailable due to renovation. You can easily set the available times and dates of your bookable item, preventing bookings during these times.

Easy to use

Whether your company consists of one person running a small B&B or hundreds of people around the world operating a large hotel chain with many different locations, we aim to make Booker25 the easiest booking solution for every company in any situation. Reservations can be made in a few clicks, taking mere seconds. Only two fields (the title and a name) need to be filled out. Changing reservations is just as easy: by dragging-and-dropping, the time and resource of the booking are quickly changeable. And because Booker25 is built on the Salesforce platform, reservations can even be created automatically based on opportunities.

Add extra services

There is more to reservations than meets the eye. Because no booking is the same, Booker25 offers you the possibility to add extra services to reservations. When someone books a meeting room, they might want to add audio and/or video equipment to use during the meeting, or even lunch or dinner to serve during breaks. In Booker25, any kind of service can be added and managed in the same booking, letting you specify the price per hour, day or unit.

No limits

Booker25 is suitable for all types of companies: from the smallest B&B’s with only a few rooms to the largest hotel chains with many different locations around the world. There are simply no limits on the number of resources, services and reservations.

You can add as many hotel rooms, cars, meeting rooms (or anything else) as you like. Booker25 makes sure everything is and remains well organized, allowing you to keep oversight at all times. Booker25 helps your business become and stay the best it can be.

Native Salesforce Application

We believe Salesforce is by far the best cloud based CRM system on the market, and we have been working together with Salesforce for years. The platform is an extremely powerful, scalable and secure, iIt gives us the opportunity to fully leverage the power of the Salesforce platform and to help our customers gain a competitive advantage using Booker25. Booker25 is Salesforce1 and Lightning ready. Visit the AppExchange to download a free trial.

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