Zoku improves efficiency by 30% with the help of Booker25

Zoku believes that a community can achieve more together than alone, making good things possible. That’s why Zoku has expanded the concept of a hotel to a place where knowledge, ideas and people come together. In the Zoku Amsterdam hotel, the spaces have been designed with this philosophy in mind, so guests can feel at home, relax, work, enjoy, live. Every one of the details is intentional and their design is extraordinary.

The assignment

Zoku was looking for a flexible reservations system for managing their Social Spaces, including meeting rooms and co-working spaces, so they could streamline the sales process. Because of Zoku’s current rapid growth, the manual reservations process was unclear and inadequate for meeting client demand optimally. Booker25 was tasked with providing a professional solution.

In addition to offering meeting rooms, Zoku also provides related services like catering, so they wanted quotes to be easier to work with for both reservations staff and clients.

The result

As of May 2017, Zoku has been using Booker25, increasing the reservations department’s efficiency with 30% and making overbooking a thing of the past. Zoku’s flexible opening times are easily set in Booker25. Quotes are now fully provided by Booker25 and no longer require manual input.

The advanced quote module combines the available products and services with the different VAT rates that apply. This is done in the background while for the client’s convenience, the rates are all incorporated in one single quote and invoice. Manual calculation of quotes was time-consuming work. Booker25 has automated the process, making it faster, easier and less prone to error.

The Future

In order to provide better service to clients, enabling them to book spaces more easily, Gen25 is working on linking Booker25 to the Zoku website. In addition, the link with the existing PMS system is also made possible.

The flexibility, user-friendliness and speed of Booker25 is precisely what we were looking for in a reservations system for Zoku’s meeting rooms. The people at Gen25 and Booker25 completed the initial implementation from test to production in just two days. The team provides quick and reliable backup support as needed. Gen25 has supported us perfectly in the implementation of the platform, our wishes and needs are well documented by the team and they acted quickly.

David Kijlstra, Commercial Manager Zoku

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