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There is no doubt about the fact that Spaces is one of our showpieces. Spaces hires out inspiring workplaces and office spaces. Here the focus is on creativity and initiating business relations. With three branches in Amsterdam and one in The Hague, it is one of the fastest growing, service-oriented organisations in the sector.

Gen25 develops various elements for Spaces that support the service-oriented concept. For example, Gen25 developed a web portal where the customers of Spaces can edit their profile directly, view invoices, submit breakdown reports and reserve parking spaces and meeting rooms.

The assignment

Gen25 has been asked to think along and to support the service-oriented concept aspired by Spaces with a technical contribution. Hence in the past five years, Gen25 carried out various activities. They were all centred around the primary system, Salesforce CRM.

The result

Spaces portal

Gen25 developed a portal for Spaces where the tenants/members can log in and establish direct contact with Spaces staff. In this portal, these users can make their own bookings for meeting rooms and manage their information held on record at Spaces. In addition, they will be able to view their invoices and make service requests.

Salesforce implementation

The portal referred to earlier is linked to the SalesForce Cloud Platform. This system is able to provide a clear and transparent overview of all different work processes that are needed for the operational management of Spaces. New leads, with corresponding quoting module, are managed in SalesForce for example. Badge registration for all tenants and the integration with the online e-mail marketing system are present in SalesForce. In addition, a lot of customisation has been performed by Gen25 on the SalesForce system, for example, the implementation of Booker25 and an invoicing process have been completed therein.


Booker25 is used by Spaces for managing meeting rooms and parking spaces for the different locations. This provides a complete overview of the availability of the various meetings rooms and parking spaces, at any time. In addition, it is possible to manage additional services, such as catering requests in Booker25. This is immediately communicated with the catering provider, so that he is always aware of the desired catering options in the meeting rooms. In order to invoice the various meeting rooms, Gen25 developed an order module. Based on a certain booking status, it decides which amount must be invoiced to the customer.

Contracts & Invoice module

The order module is fed by various systems, including the web portal, the meeting module referred to earlier, cash registers that are installed at the Spaces catering provider, the other suppliers of Spaces (e.g. for the Internet and telephone) and the contract module. The contract module is a customised solution for Spaces aimed at streamlining contract management and contract generation within a uniform process. For example, it contains indexation modules and automatic invoice consolidation. Each day, via the invoice module developed by Gen25, many orders are immediately forwarded to the customers of Spaces in the form of a digital invoice. In addition, they can also be found in web portal, referred to earlier.


All invoices are forwarded to bookkeeping from SalesForce. This creates a clear overview for the accountants so they can make continuous comparisons between invoices made and invoices to be made.

Google Apps migration

On the advice of Gen25, it was decided to migrate all mail and files to the Google Apps for Business platform. Gen25 initiated and managed this migration and, as part of the process, converted all Spaces staff mailboxes from Outlook to Google Mail. In addition, all files have been migrated from a network drive to Google Drive, as a result of which everyone can access the files in this cloud application at all times. For this, Gen25 organised various training and coaching programmes.

Spaces has been operational ever since our start with Gen25. They have grown with us and built a software package around our unique and mainly changing and growing situation. Gen25 is flexible and they like to think along. Gen25 is a stable company with a low turnover of staff. As a result, they fully understand our situation and that makes working with them a joy. Each and every one of them are pleasant characters who speak more than the IT language alone.

Martijn Roordink - Managing Director Spaces

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