Managing VIP reservations

Schiphol Airport VIP Centre offers a high end personal service to VIPs from all over the world who travel to Amsterdam. An exceptional reservations system is essential to good customer relations and the continued prestigious service to VIP clients. Gen25 has taken on the design, realisation, management and optimisation of the new reservations system using our application Booker25, developed on the Salesforce platform. Booker25 ensures that VIP Centre staff have all pertinent information available to optimise service.

The assignment

The VIP Centre ordered Gen25 to specifically design and deliver a reservations system that works well for both clients and staff. The unique services the VIP Centre offers to guests demands an advanced and exclusive IT environment. Reservations of extra services like limousine transport or special catering had to be supported. Links with flight data and financial transactions were also an important requirement.

The result

The choice was made to use Booker25 on the Salesforce Platform to keep VIP relations up to date. The existing reservations system Booker25 was adapted to deliver client-specific functionality, directly integrating both relations management and the possibility of reporting. The project was divided into two phases: phase 1 was aimed at supporting staff in their daily activities while phase 2 was wholly focused on creating a portal enabling clients to enter and manage their own data.

Because of the development of the new reservations system and the use of the Salesforce Platform, it was possible to deliver a fully functional system within just four months. This allowed for work activities to be carried out faster and better.

External parties including the security and processing departments are informed daily about reservations coming up, so they can plan accordingly. In addition, a link was made with the accounting department to speed up the financial aspect.

Reservations for a VIP by a VIP

The VIP Centre has taken the step of allowing clients to manage their own data and reservations in a web portal on the Salesforce Platform, giving it an edge on the competition and saving time for staff. This web portal is linked to a flight management system which features the latest flight information and to a Payment Service Provider (PSP) for direct processing of payments.

27/7 care for online performance

The VIP Centre is open around the clock and requires continuous availability. Gen25 provides maximum support to ensure this. Because the platform contains sensitive information, extra security is needed. It is realised through tokenisation.

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