How Checkin25 suits your business needs

Connect Checkin25 with Booker25

Checkin25 can support pre-registration by sending your clients a QR-code after making a reservation via Booker25. This QR-code can be used upon arrival to check-in. This can be used in offices or in shops where Checkin25 can send a notification to the corresponding personal assistant on the booking. Or it can be used in school and universities allowing students to check-in to their classes, keeping record of class attendance. For more information about the Checkin25 app, visit the website or AppExchange.

Registering visitors can be tedious and time-consuming. Forget those sign-in sheets and spreadsheets you need to update manually. Checkin25 provides visitors an easy way to sign in, with or without your help. A tablet running the Checkin25 app at your front desk is all you need. The interface is designed to be user friendly, ensuring your visitors feel welcome. This way, you can keep track of all your reservations and check-ins on Salesforce.

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